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DIAMONDcross user manual revised


Repacking into third-party cloverleaf inner containers is permitted
In modern harnesses with integrated container compartment, the release handle and
inner container usually are a single unit. The CHARLY pocket container can no longer be used for these harnesses, so the reserve must be repacked into the harness manufacturer's inner container.
We have now tested the repacking procedure with the most common harnesses from ADVANCE, WOODY VALLEY, GIN and SKYWALK, and found that in principle nothing speaks against it, as long as the volume of the reserve is compatible with that of the container.

The inner containers of the harnesses with integrated container compartment are usually generously sized, so that in most cases even a DIAMONDcross in size 160 will find enough space inside.

We have thoroughly updated the user manual of the CHARLY DIAMONDcross reserve, and in particular expanded the chapter on the installation in the harness, including compatibility testing. The repacking procedure is straightforward and it is not necessary to repack the reserve in the process.
The revised DIAMONDcross manual also contains a lot of interesting basic knowledge about steerable rescue systems.

The new, 36-page user manual is now available in the Downloads section of our website.

Original CHARLY pocket container recommended
In the course of testing during the development of the DIAMONDcross, we evaluated various inner container designs during a large number of deployments. Especially due to its slightly delayed canopy release, the CHARLY pocket container has proven to be the best solution in this regard. Most parachute experts also share our opinion, because too early canopy release relatively often leads to entanglements between the reserve parachute and the paraglider.
Therefore, if there is a loop-in possibility at the release handle, we recommend the use of the CHARLY pocket container.


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