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Kliff III

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Kortel Kliff III

The Kliff III is still the reference in mountaineering harnesses and now has a new modulated 3D geometry!
This technology provides a level of comfort that is unique for a harness in this weight class. The pilot becomes one with the harness and stress points are significantly reduced.
It is the only harness that can be attached directly to the glider without carabiners. In addition, the exclusive "Konnect" buckle system allows the leg straps to be opened, which is a great advantage when flying with crampons or skis.



  • The harness has been constructed using materials in the structural reinforcements that are twice as strong as conventional materials, such as Aluula®.
  • Optimisation of the cut patterns for the seat and back has also contributed to increased durability.
  • No open Dyneema® lines in the back and leg areas to minimise the risk of entanglement and reduce wear.
  • The use of longer nitinol rods on the legs provides better leg support.
  • Separate leg suspension for a more active and dynamic flying experience!
  • Integrated sliding rings for smooth operation of the speed pedal.
  • The optional removable airbag increases passive safety (weight: 200 g).



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Product video of the predecessor KLIFF II


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  Kortel Kliff III



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