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Kuik III

The ONLY reversible harness with cocoon and airbag!

The KUIK III is a unique, advanced reversible harness with a modular design that makes it extremely versatile. It can be used for leisurely pleasure flights after a simple mountain tour, for challenging cross-country flights with the cocoon module attached, or for beginners immediately after completing their paragliding course.

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If you are looking for a harness with lots of options, the KUIK III could be the one for you!
Compared to the previous generation, the KUIK III has been optimised in terms of clean look, ease of use and adjustability.
The increased stiffness of the back and leg straps ensures a good seating position and supports precision steering. The harness is designed for everyday use and benefits from the use of new robust and lightweight materials.

Adjustment options:
  • Chest strap and distance between leg straps to adjust stability level
  • Lumbar spine
  • Shoulders
  • Angle and position of backrest: from sitting to semi-lying
  • Stable, damped behaviour filters out air mass turbulence

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 Reversible backpack:

  • Comfortable and padded reversible backpack
  • Special compartment for the paraglider, including compression strap
  • Top compartment with adjustable roll-top volume for storage of accessories
  • Zip and mesh pockets accessible from the outside
  • Passage hole for hydration tube

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Accessories included:
  • Line cutter
  • Signalling whistle
  • 2-step speed pedal
  • Airbag and foam bag for pre-inflation to ensure good passive safety right from the start. A large rear airbag rounds off the protection.



The Cocoon module provides effective protection against the cold and increases comfort. This allows you to fly longer while improving performance.

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Cocoon Features:

  • Adjustable length on top and bottom
  • Carbon footplate
  • Large cockpit with stowing compartment
  • Integrated reserve container
  • Reserve attachment points on the shoulders
  • Side storage pocket

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Scope of delivery: KUIK III, Charly Unilock or Kortel Auto 20 carabiners, (Paralock 3 separation carabiners available at an extra charge)

Weight: Reversible harness: 3,5 kg in Gr. M, Reversible harness + Cocoon: 4,4 g kg in Gr. M

Certification: EN 1651 / LTF, CE-certified


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