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Quickout paragliding carabiner

Special carabiner that enables quick release under load



  • In emergency situations, fast disconnection without effort is possible
  • Four safety steps with the possibility of gradual unlocking
  • Form-fit and fatigue resistant
  • Replacement interval: mono and tandem 8 Jahre, unlimited flight hours
  • Working load limit (air sports): 400 DaN* per carabiner
  • Body drop-forged from Titanal, insert made of high strength aluminum alloy 7075 T6, 200 g
  • Breaking load: 4.000 DaN, individually tested to 2.000 DaN
  • Inside height: 40 mm

The Quickout is used everywhere where a reliable connection and if needed a quick release even under load is necessary. It is designed for secure load attachment - in particular for the carrying of persons - and is suitable for outdoor use.

There is no specific CE standard for separation carabiners. However, the Quick-Out is a central component of different certified special harnesses, which are used and proven nationally and internationally in many applications, e.g. in helicopter missions by the police, military, mountain rescue and fire departments.

In paragliding sports, it allows the release of the glider when used with a steerable rescue system.

The simultaneous push of both lock buttons disconnects the pilot from the glider effortlessly. Safety trainings showed the release of the glider to be advantageous in the case of a rescue system deployment.

Aside from its advantages in the case of water- or tree landings and in strong wind conditions, the Quickout also offers superior handling compared to conventional paragliding carabiners.


Art.Nr. Article Breaking load  (daN *) Weight (g) Price (€/pc.)
HKar12  Quickout carabiner 4.000 200,0 78,50
HKar121  Extra insert for Quickout (suitable for webbing widths 25-28 mm)   46 27,50
HKar128  Adapter sleeves for narrow risers (suitable up to 18 mm)     13,50

1 DAN (dekanewton) = 10 N (newton)  ≈ 1 kg

Quickout release system for speed pedals :

Die Befestigung der Gleitschirmtragegurte ist ähnlich wie beim konventionellen Karabiner. Der Quickpin-Verschluss verfügt über eine automatische Verriegelung. Er ist so gestaltet, dass zum Öffnen zwei unterschiedliche manuelle Handlungen erforderlich sind: Das Drücken des Entriegelungsknopfs und ein Ziehen des Bolzens in entgegengesetzter Richtung.
Das Lösen der Tragegurte nach der Landung ist beim Pin Lock einfacher als beim Schnappverschluss Karabiner.
Damit bei extremen Starkwindverhältnissen ein ordnungsgemäßes Befestigen der Tragegurte am Karabiner sichergestellt ist, muss der Gleitschirm vor dem Anlegen des Gurtzeugs am Karabiner befestigt werden. Das gilt für konventionelle Karabiner wie für Pin Lock.
Bei Beachtung der Betriebsanleitung können selbst im extremen Winterbetrieb Vereisungsprobleme zuverlässig vermieden werden.

A foot accelerator separation system is required to allow the main canopy to be completely separated after an emergency parachute opening. The foot accelerator separation systems work automatically after the karabiner is opened. Charly offers 3 foot accelerator separation systems.


Accessories fors special belts

bornack-schnelltrenneinheit krah-hois-adapter krah-verbindungsgurt  
rapid separation unit QR
Hoist Adapter
connection belt Charly


» Instruction manual Quickout carabiner
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 Safety note: On Quick-Out models before 2016, it was possible to swap the locking buttons during installation!
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» White Paper: Risk of material fatigue in air sports carabiners with conventional snap gate