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CHARLY Speed pedal separation links

A speed pedal separation link is required to enable a complete separation of the main glider after an emergency parachute deployment. The speed pedal separation links are released automatically after opening the carabiner.
Charly offers 3 different speed pedal separation links.


Easy Release separation link NEW!

The system convinces by low construction height, easy handling and durable, safe operation.


The Easy Release separation link can be easily attached to the paraglider risers if the Easy Release ring clip can be looped in instead of the Brummel hook.

If this is not possible, the original speed system line must be replaced with the speed system line with ring clip of the Easy Release system


Detaching the 
Brummel hook
Attaching the
ring clip

Weight: 22 g / pair

  Scope of delivery:
  • 2x Ring clip with speed system line for
    attachment to the paraglider risers
  • 2x Release hook with speed system line
    and release line (static line) for attchment
    to the speed system lines of the paragliding
  • Installation instructions Article Br.load (DaN *) Weight (g) Price (€/pc.)
HKar142  Easy Release separation link 200 22 39,70



Separation link with Brummel hooks

We recommend this inexpensive separation link if the speed system of the paraglider is equipped with Brummel hooks.

Weight: 25 g / pair

hkar141-front hkar141-back Article Br.load (DaN *) Weight (g) Price (€/pc.)
HKar141  Separation link with Brummel hooks 300 25 19,50



Separation link with Brummel hooks

With the patent shackle separation system a ring is looped into the speed system of the paraglider instead of the Brummel hook. The speed pedal is attached to this ring by means of the patent shackle.

Weight: 74 g / pair

Detaching the Brummel hook Attaching the ring Article Br.load (DaN *) Weight (g) Price (€/pc.)
HKar14  Separation link with Brummel hooks 300 74 33,50


 * 1 DaN (Dekanewton) = 10 N (Newton) ≈ 1 kg


brummel-hook-separation-syst patent-shackle-separation-system
Separat. system Easy Release
Separat. system Brummelhook
Separat. syst. Patent shackle