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Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner 

With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load of more than 25 kN, the UNILOCK is currently the lightest and at the same time most loadable paragliding carabiners on the market. In the fatigue test, it endured 2.000 load cycles with an upper load of 252 DaN and subsequently 5 mio. load cycles with an upper load of 115,4 DaN. The UNILOCK thus achieves a fatigue strength of 5 years in mono use.


Overview of the Finsterwalder UNILOCK´s most important features

  • The snap gate turned by 45° facilitates the attachment to the harness.
  • The design in the shape of a "3" pro- vides a high stabilit against twisting.
  • The UNILOCK is suitable for both narrow and wide webbings.
  • The lower belt chamber has an extra support surface for the hip belt, which slightly raises its position. This has a positive effect on the comfort of the harness.
  • Red/green marking simplifies orientation when attaching the risers.
  • Gate play individually tested.


 unilock2 unilock3 unilock4 


Art.N° Article Breaking load (DaN *) Weight (g) Price (€/Pair)
HKar36  UNILOCK paragliding carabiner (pair) 2.500 45 58,00




Infos zur Karabinerproblematik

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 White Paper
Gefahr der Materialermüdung
Sincotec Prüfvorschrift
Auslegung von Karabinerhaken
 Sincotec Prüfbericht
 Sincotec Prüfbericht
Dauerschwingtest Pin Lock